Children’s picture book illustration is what drew me into the creative field and has been an important influence in my work. As I write this, a quote by American illustrator Chris Raschka comes to mind, “I always try to treat the book itself as the artwork. I don’t want you to stop while you’re reading one of my books and say, ‘Oh! What a gorgeous illustration!’ I want you to stop at the end of the book and say, ‘This is a good book.’”

Children's Illustration
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Branding & Packaging Design

What exactly is a brand? The short answer is: everything. A powerful brand identity is invaluable in mapping the mental image of your business in the consumers’ mind.  Branding is more than just a memorable logo and is the foundation of a business’ marketing strategy. My approach to branding covers the creative side as well as digital marketing strategies to foster a set of ideas and emotions in the minds of existing and potential customers.


In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing environment, business goals are increasingly being accomplished through digital web or mobile apps designed to facilitate customer engagement. Let me help make your customer journeys enjoyable and memorable.

Digital Asset Design

Let me help bring your digital campaigns to life with beautifully designed digital assets. My portfolio of work speaks for my skill in designing a variety of digital marketing creatives ranging from social media ads to email marketing templates and digital adverts.
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