I design user experiences because I love great stories.

Before I started designing user experiences for digital products, I illustrated children’s books, built brands and was largely involved with strategizing and bringing marketing campaigns to life. As someone who understands both marketing and product design, I add value to teams by bridging the disconnect that often exists between marketing and the product. 

I am a firm believer in the transformative power of design, I am passionate about imparting its importance through education. I teach UI/UX design at Vancouver Institute of Media Arts and ABM College and am dedicated to fostering the next generation of talented designers and helping them realize their full potential.

I’m based in Calgary, Canada. I grew up in Abu Dhabi, UAE and had a short stint in India when I was 18, before moving to the UK, where I studied and worked for over half a decade. I love the ocean and scuba diving, and care deeply about marine life conservation and ocean sustainability. 

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Some professionals know their business, some are reliable and some are a pleasure to work with. Aysha is all of the above. Whether it is designing a logo, doing the visual branding for my organization or designing my website, she has completely met my expectations. Above all she is extraordinarily cooperative and a sheer joy to work with. I cannot imagine going to anyone else for my design needs.
Ashok Panikkar
Director, Meta-culture