#DisneyGirlBoss Series

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Last year, I started a personal project that I called the #DisneyGirlBoss series, in which I came up with “after the ‘happily ever after'” stories for different Disney princesses. I had posted my projects about Rapunzel, Snow White, Jasmine and Anna. But then life got in the way and this project was forgotten…until now.

So here’s the rest of the #DisneyGirlBoss series


As we’ve established by now, princess life is quite boring. Especially for a woman like Cinderella, who has always kept herself busy all her life. So she decided to set up a shoe shop and design and make the most exquisite, magical glass slippers for all the lovely ladies of the kingdom. And with the help of her fairy godmother’s mystical marketing skills, soon royals and nobles from the neighbouring kingdoms started flicking to her shop to get their feet into one of her dainty slippers!

Packaging Design


Moana decided to put her love for the ocean to good use and got into the travel industry. She now runs a magnificent ship that offers delightful tropical cruise holidays. It’s safe to say that Moana finally answered to the calling of the line where the sky meets the sea.

Advertising Design


Aurora has never had any trouble falling asleep. Her prince? Not so much. The guy spent restless nights tossing and turning in bed as Aurora lost herself in sweet dreams night after night. To help her prince fall asleep, Aurora started experimenting with the herbs and flowers in her forest and came up with a blend of tea leaves that would aid insomnia. And guess what? It worked! The prince slept like a baby through the night! Aurora knew that her tea was something special that could help a lot of people in her kingdom get a good night’s sleep after a hard day of work. So she set up her brand of affordable packaged tea that everyone could enjoy.

Packaging Design
Packaging Design


Esmeralda was discovered by a famous American record producer who catapulted her to fame with the release of her first album called “The bells of Notre Dame”. Esmeralda’s music was the talk of the town as she broke records with her music. She is now working on her new album and preparing for her very first world tour. 

Album Art


After saving China, Mulan decided that she wanted to spend time with her family and went back to her village. She was celebrated and everyone looked up to her. Mulan always believed that women should be independent and be able to protect themselves and stand up for themselves. And so, with the help of Mushu and her luck cricket by her side, she set up a martial arts school for the young girls of her village. Her summer programme is fully booked and she beams with pride seeing her students get stronger.

Branding & Logo Design


As Ariel got the hang of her life on land, she experienced first hand, the things humans do that destroy the ocean.
In the time it takes you to read this, millions of plastic bags are produced. And then there’s a massive amount of oil that is needed to produce these plastic bags! Ariel’s research showed that only 6.8% of all plastic waste recycled and the remaining 93.2% ends up in her beloved oceans. She understood the major threat that the plastic in the sea posed to her aquatic friends and family. Infact, her father’s dear assistant Dudley’s nephew once mistook a plastic bag for a jellyfish and ate it. He ended up suffering from a terrible case of food poisoning. Scuttle often complained about how the plastic bags often got in his way mid flight. Ariel also realised that plastic is non biodegradable and is slowly destroying the planet. She wanted to do her part and came up with a simple solution to reduce the use of plastic bags. With Eric’s help, a new law was passed in the kingdom, which banned the use of plastic bags and substituted them with beautifully illustrated strong, reusable, biodegradable jute bags.


Belle went on to become a celebrated young adult fiction writer and is now good friends with JK Rowling. Her latest book is an international best seller that she co-authored with Cogsworth, titles Chip in Paris. The story is about little Chip, who visits Paris with with his mother and all the wonderful adventures he has in the beautiful city.

Book Cover Design

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