Hello. I'm Aysha.

UX + Product Designer

I’m a senior UX and product designer with over 7 years of experience creating user-centric web and mobile experiences in various industries, including lottery and gaming, e-commerce, automobiles, non-profit, prop-tech and SaaS. 

I believe in the power of design to drive meaningful change and am dedicated to educating and empowering peers, colleagues and stakeholders to understand and harness its potential.

Design Thinking | User Flows | Interaction Design | Prop-tech

Redesigning the client profile section

Streamlining the process for mortgage applications and future engagement opportunities.

User Research | Experience Design | Wireframing & Mockups | Mobile App | AI Concept | E-commerce

Finding jeans that fit

Helping customers select the style of jeans that they’re looking for in the right size.

Design System | Processes | UI Components | Design Leadership

Building a design system at a prop tech startup

Establishing a shared foundation for process, design language, guidelines and UI pattern libraries.

User Research | Experience Design | Information Architecture |  Responsive UI Design | E-commerce

Reviving sales during a global pandemic

Helping a 20 year old fine jewellery brand serve its customers during the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020.

User Research | Experience Design | Design Systems | UI Design | Wireframing & Prototyping | Usability Testing | SaaS | Fintech

Stopping unwanted subscription fees

Helping small businesses keep track of and manage monthly subscriptions.