If Anna Created An Ice Cream Brand: Food Packaging for Yoo Hoo! Ice Cream

This project is one of many from the #DisneyGirlBoss series.

Anna has been having a wonderful time reuniting with Elsa and helping her rule the Arendelle. Kristoff is great and Anna loves hanging out with Olaf and Sven. But after a while, the monotony of palace life got to her…again. Olaf jokingly suggested that she should start an ice cream parlor and serve flavors that “taste like summer”. Anna thought this was a brilliant idea. She sat down with Elsa and told her about Olaf’s ice cream parlor idea. Elsa was so excited and proud of Anna’s ambition. She even offered to help make Anna’s ice cream magically delicious with her powers. Anna decided to start off with 3 unique flavours inspired by her friends. She created “Summer Snowflake” for Olaf, “Icy Carrots” for Sven and “B’day Cake”, because who doesn’t like birthday cake?! She named her brand “Yoo Hoo!” in memory of her life changing experience after she discovered Elsa’s powers. She wanted her brand and packaging to reflect the flavours and the inspiration behind them, so she created a mood board for each of the flavours to inspire the food packaging design.

Mood board for “Summer Snowflake”

Mood board for “Icy Carrots”

Mood Board for “B’day Cake”


Final Designs


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