If Snow White Started Her Own Business: Branding For Snow Diamonds

A one day sprint part of the #DisneyGirlBoss series.

Although Snow White married her Prince and moved to the palace, she kept in touch with dwarf friends. Palace life was great, but she missed living in the little cottage with her friends. She left (was chased away) from home at a very young age and had learnt to be an independent woman (with the help of her dwarf friends). She was bored of being known as “just a pretty face” and wanted to do something that showed the world that she was more than just a woman with skin as fair as snow. Doc suggested that she start her own jewelry business. He thought Snow White was the most organised and creative person he’d ever met and was confident that she could successfully run a business. The dwarfs offered to bring her diamonds from the mine. After all, they didn’t know what they dug them for!


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